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Honors Essays Rubric Roman Republic

Honors Essays
Roman Republic Test

Directions:  Write a five-paragraph essay for each of the prompts below.  Make sure in your essays that you respond directly to the prompt with a thesis sentence in your introductory paragraph, with three supporting paragraphs, each with a transition sentence, and with a solid conclusion.  The essay should be a standard five-paragraph essay. Essay must be either word-processed or written in ink.  No pencil-written essays will be accepted.  Essay must be double-spaced whether typed or hand-written.  If typed, use only a standard font and print in black ink.

Prompt One

If a leader does good things for selfish reasons, either in order to gain power or to stay in power, should he still be considered a good leader?  Pick three things that Julius Caesar did that made Rome a better place to live for citizens or non-citizens.  For each, tell who the decision helped and what his possible motives for taking the action was.  In conclusion tell whether these actions prove him to be a good leader or simply a self-serving one.

Prompt Two

Defend or argue against the following statement:  “Democracy is doomed to fail because over time democratic society becomes corrupted by those in positions of political wealth and/or power.”  If you agree, state your argument and back it up with examples.  If you disagree, state why you disagree and give examples of democracies that have not failed due to these weaknesses.

Rubric  (20 points per essay)

________ Introduction, Thesis Sentence, all parts of question included but not answered in detail   (5 Points per question)

________ Body of paper covers every area required in the question and each is answered logically and backed up with evidence.  (5 points per question)

________ Paper has proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, transitions, and usage ( 5 points per question)

_______Thesis is re-stated in conclusion, but in a different way.  The author’s views on each specified part of the question are summarized clearly and match the arguments in the paper. (5 points per question)

Make sure your answer is well-reasoned, serious, and appropriate for a reader with an interest in the subject matter who reads critically (such as a teacher or professor).  Avoid using any slang.  Don’t be conversational.    Your individuality will show itself in the clarity and individuality of your answer.  Be original.  Go out on a limb.  Say it in your own way but back everything up.  You may use any notes you have taken.

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