Monday, October 1, 2012

Notebook Checks Begin Tuesday, October 2

Students will be turning in notebooks on the following dates for checking:
1st period---Tuesday, October 2
2nd period--Wednesday, October 3
4th period--Monday, October 8
5th period--Tuesday, October 9
6th period--Wednesday, October 10

Here is the checklist of required items to be contained in the notebook for each class:

1st period
  • 15 journal entries--dated, complete sentences, correct capitalization and end punctuation
  • Notebook Notes should include
    • History/Prehistory
    • Fact/Opinion/Propaganda
    • 9/11
    • Review Notes for test
    • Geography of Greece
    • Minoans
    • Myceneans, Dorians and the Dark Ages
    • Homer and the Epic
    • Greek City-States
    • Government Types
    • The Greek Army
  • Flap should include:
    • Signed course description
    • Map of Greece
    • Review Sheet/Test One
    • Test One
2nd thru 6th should contain all of the above plus notes/journals for the days after today, October 1 but before the date notebooks are collected.

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