Thursday, May 30, 2013

3rd Trimester ECA Review Study Guide

Trimester ECA
Review Sheet/Study Guide
Morris 2013

1.        How has the medieval code of chivalry affected modern cultural behavior between men and women?   Consider manners, ideas about love, music, poetry and writing.
2.       What are the modern equivalents of the medieval coats-of-arms? What was the purpose of a coat of arms and why might a person still use images to tell about oneself?
3.       Explain the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic church in the Middle Ages.  Why was there such a person as the pope?  What was the Biblical reasoning for having a pope?  Why was the pope in Rome.  What powers did the Pope have?
4.       Why was the Roman Catholic church so important in the lives of Medieval people?
5.       Why was it so difficult for secular leaders to challenge church power in the Middle Ages?
6.       What were some of the problems in the Catholic church, and what were some of the ways people tried to solve them in the Middle Ages?
7.       Why were cathedrals such important structures in the Middle Ages? What do they represent then and now?
8.       Why were the Crusades fought?  What were the intended goals?  What was the result?  How did the unexpected outcomes of the Crusades actually benefit Europe in many ways?
9.       Describe the learning of Muslims during the Middle Ages. Was it ahead of, even with, or behind European learning?  Where was Muslim learning centered?   What are some things Europeans learned from the Muslims that improved European society?
10.   Why were the Jews persecuted throughout the Middle Ages?  What was the eventual solution to Jewish persecution?
11.   What three inventions allowed for a revolution in farming in the middle of the middle ages?
12.   What allowed towns to grow in the middle of the middle ages?  Why were towns so important to the rebirth of learning and culture? 
13.   What is the importance of the guild to modern society? 
14.   What is the origin of the secular and religious university and why are universities so important in the creation of the Renaissance?
15.   Why did the vernacular begin to be used in the middle of the middle ages?
16.   What led to the creation of modern England as a nation?  Why is it strange that English and French people don’t seem to get along?  Why is English such a strange language, and what are some of the cultures that created English culture?
17.   Why was the Magna Carta so important to American history?  What are some ideas shared by the Magna Carta and our own national documents?
18.   How can people make kings do their will?
19.   Why was the Bubonic Plague such an important historical event, in both good and bad ways?
20.   What are some of the things that the Catholic church did that encouraged people to criticize it?
21.   What are some reasons that the 100 Years War was so important to European history?
22.   What were the causes of the Renaissance?   What could the U.S. do to stimulate our own Renaissance?
23.   Why is the printing press considered to be such an important invention?
24.   Compare and contrast Renaissance art with Medieval and Classical art.
25.   What is the importance of Wycliffe, Huss and Martin Luther to religious change in Europe?
26.   What caused the Age of Exploration?
27.   What caused the Scientific Revolution?
28.   Know some major changes in exploration and in science.

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