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Renaissance and Reformation Test: Review Sheet/Study Guide Posted Saturday, May 25, 2013 Test is Thursday

Review Sheet/Study Guide
Test on Renaissance and Reformation
Note:  Not all questions are necessarily on this sheet, so don’t assume they are.  However, this study guide will help you review, in conjunction with your notes.  You will be allowed to use one 3 by 5” index card, filled out by hand on ONE side, for this test.  Photo reductions not allowed, nor is printing out the notes and reducing them.  Otherwise, write as small as you want. 
Vocabulary Words
1.       Renaissance
2.       Secular
3.       Humanism
4.       Crusades
5.       Plague
6.       100 Years War
7.       Classical Learning
8.       Florence
9.       Patron
10.   Medici
11.   Fall of Constantinople
12.   Leonardo da Vinci
13.   Realism
14.   Perspective
15.   Vanishing Point
16.   Last Supper, Mona Lisa, David, La Pieta, Sistine Chapel
17.   Michelangelo
18.   Fresco
19.   Gutenberg
20.   Printing Press
21.   Moveable Type
22.   Protestant
23.   Martin Luther
24.   Indulgence
25.   95 Theses
26.   Reformation
27.   John Calvin
28.   Predestination
29.   Henry VIII
30.   Annulment
31.   Church of England
32.   Scientific Revolution
33.   Geocentric Theory
34.   Heliocentric Theory
35.   Copernicus
36.   Galileo
37.   Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes
38.   Scientific Method
39.   Isaac Newton
40.   Fahrenheit and Celsius
41.   Leeuwenhoek
42.   William Harvey
43.   Jenner
44.   Boyle
45.   Age of Exploration
46.   Prince Henry the Navigator
47.   Spain and Portugal
48.   Astrolabe
49.   Caravel
50.   Bartolomeu Dias
51.   Vasco de Gama
52.   Cape of Good Hope
53.   India
54.   Christopher Columbus
55.   Muslims
56.   Silk Road
57.   Treaty of Tordesillas
58.   Ferdinand Magellan
59.   Holland (Dutch colonies)
60.   Cortez
61.   Circumnavigation
62.   Northern Renaissance
63.   Flanders
64.   Pieter Bruegel the Elder
65.   Johannes Van Eyck
66.   Hans Holbein
67.   Albrecht Durer
68.   Thomas More
69.   Utopia
70.   William Shakespeare
Part Two:  Short Answer/Synthesis Questions
1.       Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?
2.       Why was the Renaissance more secular?
3.       Why was it born in Florence?
4.       Where did Italians rediscover Classical learning?
5.       How did the Fall of Constantinople to the Muslims help the Ren to happen?
6.       How is Medieval art different from Ren art?
7.       Match artists with their works (Italian and Northern Renaissance)
8.       Why was printing press such an important invention?
9.       How did printing press help cause the Reformation,  the Scientific Revolution, and the Age of Exploration?
10.   Why did Luther break from the Catholic Church?
11.   What are Luther’s three main beliefs?
12.   What were Calvin’s main beliefs?
13.   Why is the US a puritan nation?
14.   Why did Henry VIII break from the Catholic Church?
15.   Why did Henry VIII execute Thomas More?
16.   Why were Renaissance scientists sometimes challenged by the Catholic Church?
17.   What happened to Galileo?
18.   Who controlled trade in the early Renaissance and why?
19.   How did other nations attempt to break this trade monopoly?
20.   Why was Prince Henry the Navigator so important?
21.   What two inventions allowed for better exporation?
22.   How does an astrolabe work?
23.   What were the main reasons Europeans went exploring?
24.   What was the Treaty of Tordesillas and why was/is it important?
25.   Why did the Northern Renaissance start later than the Italian Renaissance?
26.   How was the Northern Renaissance different?
27.   Why is Flanders so important in the Northern Renaissance?
28.   Why is William Shakespeare to important to the English language?

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